Thursday, March 15, 2007

I did it again.

I have moved. I am now found here. Waka waka doo doo yeah.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Exhibition number 2


More emotional drivel.

These are the shep eating chez and crah kars with their fancy shuz on.

Ok so that's the last batch of drawings I'm putting up on here... probably. So now they're just using up space in my room. So if anyone wants them, let me know. Otherwise they will take a small and final trip to my bin.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

And this is how the Big Day Out 07 went...

First we just started following the hoards of people. There were lots. Some may say too many. Then we started glowing. We glow sometimes. Look at that.

Anyway, we walked in and when all the people were together it looked something like this. I believe this is the time when The Killers had the stage. Good times.

We managed to find Voom in amongst them all. They were good. The lead singer happens to be my mother's godmother's son. Needless to say, we're pretty tight.

Look! It's My Chemical Romance! Jubilations! It's strange to think that this young man here could possibly be the most iconic face of the western teenage population at the moment. Go him.

Things got a bit scary when I realised I was surrounded on every side by emo kids, and directly behind a very small one with a VERY large backpack. So I ran away.

And found my girlfriend.

Due to legal reasons involving privacy of the subject pictured above, I am unable to allow this picture to remain visible on this blog. In other words, I was horribly threatened by her upon her discovery of this photo on here.

She was so happy to see me that she even came with me to go see the Mint Chicks. This made her even happier. The Mint Chicks know how to party.

Then Muse came on. I partied so hard that immeadiately after they finished I fell asleep.

And missed Tool. Possibly not such a good thing.

FAQs: Yes I did take lots of video too. Yes I really did fall asleep in Tool. Yes we really did glow. And yes I am aware that going to see My Chemical Romance in very uncool. Oh and yes I will update this blog more.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One September Morning on the 103rd Floor

The skies were partly cloudy, the tempurature was 68 degrees, the wind was out of the west at 10 miles per hour. A beautiful day. At 8:45am, people working on the 103rd floor were pouring in their morning coffee, straightening their desks, reviewing their Tuesday appointments, bantering with office mates, glancing at the harbour...

On minute later none of that mattered. Twenty floors below, a 757 transected the building, leaving the 103rd cut off, trapped, hopeless. But not yet dead.

When you have ten minutes to live, what are your thoughts? What is important in the last seconds? As a tribute to those nameless faces staring down at us from the smokey inferno, can we stop what we are doing long enough to listen to them? Seeing death from this perspective is not morbid: on the contrary it can help us see life.

Those who found phones called - not their stockbrokers to check the latest ticker, not their hairstylest to cancel the afternoon's appointment, not even their insurance agents to check coverage levels. They called their spouses to say 'I love you' one last time, children to say 'You are precious', parents to say 'thank you' one last time. Through tears they called best friends, neighbours, pastors and priests and rabbis. 'I just want you to know what you mean to me'. And surely those standing on the brink of another world thought of God - of truth and eternity, judgement and redemption, grace and the gospel.

Imminent death has a commanding power to straighten life's priorities with a jolt. At such dramatic moments, people suddenly realise that priorities matter.

Tragically, however, chronic overloading obscures this truth. How we live influences how we die, and misplaced busyness leads to terminal regrets. If we don't move to establish and then guard that which matters most, the breathless pace of daily overload will overload will blind us to eternal priorities, until one day we too stand at such a window and look down. Perhaps with regret.

'If you attempt to talk to a dying man about sports or business, he is no longer interested. He now sees other things as more important. People who are dying recognise what we often forget, that we are standing on the brink of another world.'
- William Law

I stole John Toogood at the airport and shoved my camera in his face. And my brother helped me.

Oh and Happy New Year everybody.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If it hadn't been for Cotton Eyed Joe...

After 10 months of working in a call centre, I feel like I've finally got something back (other than money). Here I was last night, just sitting at my desk ringing people to see if they wouldn't mind doing a half hour survey about mobile phone advertising, when I was handed this lovely contraption pictured above.

Yes that's right - my work gave us all Christmas presents. They're little cooler/picnic satchel type bags in a stylish blue and came with 3 cans of energy drink.

And they have drinks holders! Nuts.

So to be honest, no matter what anyone else buys me for Christmas, none will be able to better this bag.

That's not to discourage presents. At all. It's just at this moment in time I can't see how it would be possible to create an object superior to this one.

Now it's 3:27am and I am taking advantage of my holiday at disgusting levels.

If anyone would like to have a picnic with me and my new bag let me know.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Exhibition number 1

Because my job is so brain numbing, often I just sit there and draw. Here a few drawings that have come into existence while dialling. I'm never more creative than when I should be doing something else.

I won 50 bucks at work for this drawing. I made it cute 'cause I knew girls would be judging the competition. Sucks to be the other guys that drew detailed pictures of landscapes.

My personal favourite. There is no explaination, I just thought he was a cool superhero idea.


Girl on a hill. This picture is gay. I drew it yesterday and I hate it. It has flowers on it.

Emo teddy with cliche emo tag line. He's sad and cute and sitting by himself thinking about how nobody loves him and stuff.

Don't judge me for my drawings.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I am a zoo.

Tiredness can happen at any time eg; after a day of surfing or tramping. Heading home, possibly driving into the late hot afternoon sun, the drivers eyelids begin to close. This can be cured by a sweet drink, an ice cream or some out of the vehicle exercise. Fatigue is more serious and can only be cured by sleep. You can't fight fatigue.

Research shows that after a person has been awake for 16 hours their bodies begin to require sleep.

A driver who has not slept for 17 hours has a similar cognitive performance and someone with a Blood Alchohol Count (BAC) of 50. Go without sleep for 24 hours and you're as dangerous as a person with a BAC of 100.

Fatigue affects your decision making by clouding your judgement and losing track of what is going on around you.

If you fall asleep behind the wheel, the likelihood of you dying is as high as if you had been drunk and much higher than if you haad had a heart attack becuase you can take counter measures like braking or swerving.

Stop to revive then drive.

The Cure:
- Start by having adequate sleep, if you keep short changing yourself you are building up a sleep deficit or overdraft.
- A twenty minute nap will be of benifit to an exhausted driver. A two hour nap is even more beneficial.
- After your nap splash your face with cold water.
- Always start your day with an adequate breakfast and mainain a reasonable intake of food throughout the day.
- Keep the vehicle's interior tempurature cooler rather than warmer and ensure adequate fresh air supply.
- Stop every hour or so on you journey and keep up your fluid and food intake.

When fatigue strikes, the only outcome is sleep, for how long is dependant on whether or not your vehicle was moving at the time.

I hope everyone had a safe weekend. My one nearly killed me.